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Bolivia — “The Greatest Journey (TGJ)”
A team member shared, “We are very happy because the ministry of OCC in Bolivia has created new expectations in the churches for this new season.  Many churches have called us wanting to be part of this ministry and desiring to use TGJ for their students.  This lets us know that our future network of ministry partners will be strong and produce great fruit next season. We have observed that OCC has shone light on the importance of children, giving them value and showing their identity in God.  The enemy has tried to plant negative self-worth in their hearts, often using their parents and family to bring them down.  But thank God that through the lessons taught during TGJ, God is reversing this damage and healing hearts, giving them security through Jesus Christ, who gave everything for them.  Now they can forgive those who have hurt them.  Through TGJ we have seen beautiful changes in these children and their families.  All glory to God!”
South Asian Country — "I realized that God loves me"
A shoebox recipient shared her testimony: “I am twelve years old and come from a very poor family. I have five brothers and sisters. Our father works in a brick factory and I also make bricks with my family. I have never been to school, church, or Sunday school. Whenever I would see the other kids going to school, I would think that God doesn't love or care for us. I believed that was why He made us poor. Last month I asked my parents for new shoes because my old ones were spoiled, but they refused because they didn't have any extra money. I became very upset and angry. In my heart I asked, 'why did God make us so poor that we can't even buy a pair of shoes?'

"A few days later I received a shoebox gift at the local church. When I opened the box I was amazed to see a pair of beautiful shoes that were my size and several other lovely gifts. That day they told us that God always loves and cares for us, regardless of who we are. I realized that God loves me and decided that I will also love God. I was able to attend school with the other children in my village. I am so thankful to God and those families who send these gifts to us from a country far away.”

Jamaica — "Encouragement and prayer yields new believers"
A lady who attends the Lambs River Church of God in Jamaica shared this testimony about her neighbor: "I invited him to church many times and he eventually started to visit, but after his grandmother died, he stopped coming. He was very sad and seemed to be lost in his own world. I continued to encourage him and spent many nights with the family as they mourned the loss of his grandmother. After an OCC distribution, I was surprised to see him attend Sunday school classes and the discipleship program. I heard him pray, read, and sing ... things he had never done before. I also saw his great aunt give her life to the Lord, get baptized, and becoming a member of our church. I will continue to pray for and encourage this entire family as God is working in their lives."
Guatemala — "Boy receives backpack"
There was a nine year old boy who always carried his books to school in a plastic bag. The other children would laugh at him and tease him about using the bag. The little boy thanks God and OCC for the beautiful knapsack he received in his shoebox and for transforming the other children's taunting into admiration.
Lithuania — "Mom received a shoebox 10 years ago"
After one distribution event in Venta a young woman came up to us and told us that she herself received the shoebox in the same hall ten years ago. She hardly could hold her tears because the event and the shoebox she received at that time made a great impact in her life. She was not allowed by her parents to go to the church, but she would read the booklet “The Greatest Gift of All” and pray to Jesus. This year she came for the OCC event with her little child, asked for the church contacts, and decided to join the local church. (Lina Jociene, Venta, Word of Truth Church)
Nicaragua — "I've been healed"
A ten year-old boy shared his testimony: "Now that I have Jesus in my heart, I know that I have to grow and trust in God. I've been sick and have been healed. I have also had big changes in my life, the best of which has been my salvation. My parents tell me that I'm now a son who makes them glad. I've been impacted by learning of Christ's sacrifice for us. Many thanks for all you've done for me. God bless you."

Another boy shared: "Through TGJ, I have learned that the best thing in life is to have Christ, to know His great love for us, and to read my Bible more. I have received Jesus as my personal Savior and have seen many prayers answered. My life has changed since I found Jesus. My parents never guided me in the Lord's way, but they tell me that what I'm doing is very good. To have God is the greatest thing in the world. Thanks for everything!"