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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Shoe Box Gifts

• What type of shoebox should I use?
Any empty cardboard or heavy duty plastic shoe box size box will do. Many churches will provide pre wrapped boxes or OCC provided boxes. Many children like the plastic boxes because they may last longer and can be used to carry water.
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• What should I put into my box?
Any gender or age appropriate toy, doll, hygiene item, article of clothing, learning supply, hard candy, etc. Boxes are grouped as boy or girl for ages 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. A more complete list of items and ideas is provided on the OCC web site -- follow the link on our home page.
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• Where do I get items for my box?
All items should be new. Any toy store, children\'s clothing store, or \"dollar\" type variety store is a good source for materials.
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• Where do I get a label for my box?
Many churches have handouts for you to use that include a label on the back flap. Labels can also be printed from the OCC web site -- follow the link on our home page.
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• Does my box need to be wrapped?
No, but most people prefer to wrap their boxes. (If you do, be sure to wrap the top separately, so it can be removed.) OCC provides flattened boxes at many church and business locations, some of which are decorated with the OCC green and red logo. Many Vacation Bible Schools like to use white boxes that are decorated with Christmas drawings by the children who prepare the boxes.
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• Where do the shoe boxes go -- and can I find out where my box goes?
Individuals, churches, or community groups that prepare boxes deliver them to a drop-off (relay) location in or near their town. During National Collection Week the relay locations for the South Central PA area and a few neighboring towns will be listed on the Home page of this website. A listing of drop-off sites in our area is available on this website, and a national listing by zip code is available on the OCC website. From the drop-off locations the boxes are sent to the area collection center in Waynesboro. They are then shipped to the regional processing center in Charlotte, North Carolina; from there they go in shipping containers to the port of Charleston, South Carolina, or Savannah, Georgia, for worldwide distribution. \"E-Z labels\" are available on the OCC website for those who would like to track their individual boxes.
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• Who pays to ship my box?
OCC recommends that everyone who prepares a box also donate $7 to pay for the average shipping cost. A box may travel by land, then by sea or air to a foreign country, and by land again to its final destination. In addition, the cost of providing language specific gospel materials for each box, and also teaching materials for those who elect to participate in follow up classes, is covered by the $7 per box contribution.
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• Can I just pay to have a box prepared for me?
Yes. This program is called \"build a box.\" OCC will purchase materials and pack a box for you. Information about making an online box donation is available on the OCC web site.
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• Why does the South Central PA region conduct fund raisers?
To purchase additional candy, hygene, and school supplies or materials called \"filler items\' that are sent to the regional distribution center in Charlotte, to be used as additional items to fill boxes that may be received partially full. We want each child to receive a completely \"packed full\" box. Last year our area also purchased materials, packed, and paid for shipping 5,000 boxes that were used as \"special access\" boxes to be distributed into Muslim countries. These costs were paid for by local fund raising efforts. This year our goal is to pack and pay for shipping 7,000 of these boxes.
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• Can I make a cash contribution?
Yes -- cash donations are used to cover shipping costs for boxes that may be received without an accompanying donation to cover shipping. Checks can be made out to Operation Christmas Child and delivered to any drop-off location, or mailed to 803 Bamboo Road, Boone, NC 28607.
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• Can I donate a bulk quantity of an item?
We do welcome donations of certain items in bulk quantities. For further information about this, please call our Area Coordinator, Loretta Tharp, at 717-749-3897 (home) or 717-658-0570 (cell); or email her at acoord@occ-scpa.org.
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